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Welcome to Montgomery County Indiana in the Civil War. During the four year struggle Montgomery County would send 2,971 of her sons to the Union Army. The county seat of Crawfordsville was home to U.S. Senator Henry S. Lane and five Union Army Generals - Lew Wallace, Edward Canby, Mahlon D. Manson, William H. Morgan and John P. Hawkins. Students of the conflict are aware of three popular organizations that Montgomery County raised companies for, Lew Wallace's 11th Indiana Zouaves, 72nd Indiana (Mounted) Infantry of Wilder's Lightning Brigade and Eli Lilly's 18th Indiana Battery. Other organizations that had one or more companies from Montgomery County were the 10th, 15th, 40th, 63rd, 86th, 120th, 135th Infantry Regiments and the 9th Indiana Battery. Several other Indiana military units contained heavy pockets of men from the county, including the 21st (1st Heavy Artillery),26th, 27th, 31st, 33rd, 35th, 38th, 43rd, 60th, 79th, 85th,115th,and 123rd Inf.Regt's. This site is meant to honor the deeds of the 2,971 Montgomery County soldiers who suffered four years of conflict and hardships.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Losses in Companies E & I; 15th Ind. Inf.

The Crawfordsville Daily Journal

Thursday, December 10, 1863

Losses in the 15th Indiana

“In the recent battles before Chattanooga, Company “E”, 15th Ind., which is composed principally of men from this county substained the following loss;
Killed – Sergeants Rob’t Gilbert, musket shot in heart; Fred Waltz, musket shot in breast; Solon Bower, musket shot in bowls; Private Wm. Emmerson, musket shot in head; Wm. R. Cank, musket shot in breast.
Wounded – Lieutenants, 1st Wm. M. Graham, slight, in bowls; 2nd Jas. T. Harvey, severely, in side; Corporals, Silas Cooley, severe, in leg; Wm. L. Hess, slight, in arm; Privates, Henry H. Mercer, severe;Wm. W. Campbell, slight, in hand; Wm. Hartman, slight, in shoulder; Albert Robinson, slight, in chest; J.C. Tyson, severe, in hand.
This company went into the fight with only 28 men; rank and file; and came out with a loss of just one-half – 5 killed and 9 wounded. The wounds of a majority of the boys, we are pleased to learn, were but slight. Lieutenant Graham is now in this city, and is doing well – his wound being in the left side and not at all serious.
We also subjoin a list of the killed and wounded of Company “I”, same regiment. This company, though recruited in and about Liberty, in this State, have many relatives and friends in our county:
Killed – W.D. Sering, 2nd Lieut., rifle ball in head; A. Crist, Sergeant, rifle ball in head; H.H. Orman, rifle ball in breast; W.J. Stanton, rifle ball in the breast.
Wounded – Sergeants, A.B. Cole, in neck, slight; Victor Miller, in the side, slight; G.B. Cliff, in head, severe; Corporals, A.H. Conover, in hand, severe; M.J. Salsan, in shoulder, slight; Henry Aldor, in foot, severe; Jas. Mullen, in thigh, severe; Privates, Isaac Allen, in thigh, severe; Moses Cory, in side, severe; John Dunton, in thigh, severe; A.J. Hiller, in nose, slight; J.B. Macy, in shoulder, severe; George Banks, in thigh, severe; S.J. Wylie, in left ankle, severe.”
"First Flag on the Summit": History of the 15th Indiana Infantry in the Civil War

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